P A R A L L E L   V I E N N A  2020


ARTISTS: Renate Krammer, Walter Kratner, Tanja Prušnik, Alfred Resch, Axel Staudinger

Hunger is the best source

 2003/2013 // object installation // 270 x 75 x 75 cm

 Porcelain plates, iron plates, glass plates, wooden table construction varnished, wooden carrying element oiled, handles, rollers, black felt inlay

The table is set, but not soup for the poor is served, but cheaper cartridge cases – shot and apparently sharp material. What remains is one last projectile for the final fatal shot. Here, the “long hunger” is not satisfied, but perfidious dependencies are addressed, as lasting resources for the eternally vital business of death.


Walter Kratner's installation "Hunger is the best source", leaves in its individual elements merely the impression of a function. Reminding the form of a table, nothing can be held on the handles and the stability of metal construction is deceptive. In fact, they are made of standard gray, light wood.(Ina Hof, curator)


Walter Kratner's artistic language mostly quotes so-called "banal" everyday objects, which he integrates as a basic vocabulary in the most diverse installations or "works on" them in "hybrid" painterly-graphic reworkings of photographic templates. At first glance, one could assume that an artist is "orienting" you here, as it were, in "mimetic impressions" to the representational templates in order to test different expressive values, but the methodical stringency quickly makes it clear that this is about more than "just" stylistic formalities - the artistic process develops the "symbolic valence" of the everyday objects.(Erwin Fiala, Werkbuch, 2016)