“ M U T A N T ” 2020


ARTISTS: Anoli Perera (Sri Lanka), Walter Kratner (Austria). Marjan Habibian (Iran, Austria), Hassan Meer (Oman), Nasim Pirhadi (Iran), Jagath Weerasinghe (Sri Lanka); Marjan Habibian (Curator)

The international group show “Mutant” wants to be a cultural dialogue that concerns larger contextual frameworks such as personal and cultural identity. So art is used to communicate different messages within different contexts.

Mutation requires a platform. This matrix could be your mind, your country, your genetics, your path or elements of cultural socialization.

It is possible to overflow the meaning of your mind in the colorful patterns of a textile, a scarf or a cassock. Searching the meaning of mutation you find the answer it in the passing of years, days, maybe in the ending of any joy and in the wrinkles of sorrows on a tired face.

It is possible to look beyond the eternal silence and peace in things of daily life which are covered by the dust of the years, or you continue to explore the meaning of mutation with a step forward into the soul of the atom. For find an answer it is even possible to embroider an image on the warm bodies of creatures by genetic manipulation.

We are six artists who have come together from different parts of the world, each representing our own platform in our own particular language. (Marjan Habibian, curator)